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Investing Locally With Community Development Financial Institutions: A Case Example

Join Sierra Club Foundation and CNote as they share a live case study of how Sierra Club Foundation mobilized dollars for impact with help from CNote, in support of an existing foundation campaign targeting local clean energy initiatives. This Virtual Learning Opportunity (VLO) provides an overview of how CNote created a customized Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) investment solution so that Sierra Club Foundation could meet place-based investment objectives in five targeted cities across America. This targeted investment approach helped deepen the relationship the foundation had with decision-makers on the ground because they saw the foundation bring additional resources to the community. This VLO also provides a basic overview of CDFIs and how CNote is unlocking them so foundations can achieve thematic and place-based investment goals.
Key Takeaways
  • An overview of how a place-based investment strategy is executed both from the investor’s viewpoint and the asset manager’s viewpoint.
  • A good understanding of common challenges foundations might face when onboarding a new investment product or asset class
  • How CDFIs can meet place-based and thematic investment goals, and how platforms like CNote can more specifically target certain objectives while providing more diversification
  • Catherine Berman, CEO, CNote
  • Dan Chu, Executive Director, Sierra Club Foundation
  • Mike Ivancie, Director of Growth & Partnerships, CNote
  • Kevin McGahan, Chief Financial Officer, Sierra Club Foundation




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