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ImpactAssets 50

An Annual Showcase of Impact Investment Fund Managers

ImpactAssets released the ImpactAssets 50 2023 (IA 50), a free publicly available, searchable database of impact investment fund managers for impact investors, family offices, corporations, foundations and institutional investors. 
In its twelfth year, the IA 50 aims to raise awareness of impact fund managers across impact areas, maturity, and geography, serving as a basis for deepening understanding of the field. The IA 50 breaks out managers in three categories, including the core IA 50 list, IA 50 Emerging Impact Managers list and IA 50 Emeritus Impact Managers list. Across all three categories, a record 163 impact fund managers were included totaling $122.48 billion in assets, invested across a range of asset classes and impact themes.


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