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The Impact Investing Guidebook for Foundations

Purpose Capital, Philanthropic Foundations Canada and Community Foundations of Canada have produced an impact investing guidebook. Although the guide is tailored to the foundation sector in Canada, much of the content is also relevant for the international impact investing community.
While dozens of Canadian foundations of all types and sizes took to action, many interested executive directors and board members' progress was stalled when encountering a set of issues, both real and perceived, that could be easily resolved with a practical guide and dedicated suite of supports from experts and peers.
The Guidebook covers a range of materials, including:
  • A roadmap for beginning impact investing at your foundation
  • Success stories from community foundation leaders in Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton involved in impact investing
  • Clear examples of impact investing in practice
  • Myths that can get in the way of impact investing, and motivations that can help overcome barriers


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