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Impact Investing with a Gender Lens

Investing in women is a fundamental requirement for a better future. By infusing our investing approaches with gender equity we can build a stronger, more resilient, and inclusive world. In this pre-recorded Virtual Learning Opportunity (VLO), Marc Rand, Managing Partner of Community Capital Advisors interviews Kaylene Alvarez, CEO of Athena Global on what impact investing looks like with a gender lens.
In the interview, Kaylene shares her thoughts on the following questions and more:
  • Why has there always been a lack of capital supporting women-led companies?
  • What does the world of impact investing look like in the USA compared to the rest of the world?
  • What should investors look at when investing in women-led companies versus male-led companies?
  • Where do most investors start on the spectrum of investing in women-led companies?
  • What does investing in women with a focus on women of color look like?
  • What else is needed in addition to capital to support the growth of women-led companies?
  • How to approach your board room with impact investing with a gender lens?
Athena Global is a niche consulting firm aimed at applying private sector financing approaches to solve traditional development challenges, with expertise in gender lens investing and impact investing advisory, using finance as a tool for positive social change. Community Capital Advisors is a national place-based impact investment consulting firm helping their clients design, create and manage their place-based nonprofit community loan funds and develop their impact investing ecosystem.



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