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How to Invest in Sustainable and Regenerative Food and Agriculture

CapShift launched this primer to provide a framework to help foundations assess their impact goals, understand investable food and agriculture solutions and shares our best thinking on how to approach incorporating food and agriculture investments into their portfolios.
From the Introduction:
This primer shows how your investments may help catalyze positive change in the global food and agriculture systems. Through proven approaches that engage directly with the people who sustain this critical infrastructure, to innovative solutions that highlight new technology or practices that bring in marginalized demographics, to nature-based solutions maximizing environmental benefits, there are myriad opportunities for families interested in food and agriculture to yield a positive impact.
To help you take the first step, we provide a framework to help assess your impact goals and investment strategies, a review of investable food and agriculture solutions, and our thinking on how to best approach incorporating food and agriculture focused investments into your portfolio. Each section features illustrative examples of investment opportunities across different categories and strategies, just some of the many available to families interested in investing in sustainable food and agriculture in support of the planet, people, or animals. We conclude with a recommended plan of action, including how CapShift can help you build food systems portfolios that integrate with donor advised fund (DAF) providers, financial advisors, philanthropic consultants, family offices, and other institutions.


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