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Expanding Philanthropy: Mission-related Investing at the Heron Foundation

Faced with the challenges of making effective grants and managing a growing endowment, Heron Foundaiton’s board of directors understood that the scope of the social problems it sought to address required more significant resources than its IRS mandated 5% payout. With this sentiment in mind, the Heron Foundation decided to incrementally move its endowment to mission-related investing (MRIs) allowing them to slowly transition their assets to investments that advance their mission as a foundation. Now several years later, the Heron Foundation has transition 100% of its assets to MRIs allowing it to use all of its resources to drive the maximum impact.
This case study from the University of New Hampshire details Heron's journey to MRIs. From early conversations with its board, to developing an investment strategy, and eventually operationalizing its vision. 


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