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Crowdsourced Idea Mapping: #COVID19impinv Twitter Chat

On Thursday, March 19 from 3-5PM ET, Mission Investors Exchange and over three dozen collaborators engaged in a Twitter chat aimed at surfacing philanthropic solutions around the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. This chat focused on creating an open exchange to bring in new voices and foster a discussion around:
  • What should impact investors do in the short term (now-6 months) to respond quickly?
  • What should impact investors do in the medium term (6-24 months), given the uncertainty both related to the virus and our economy as it responds?
  • What should impact investors do in the long term (2-10 years) to support resilience and adaptability in times of unforeseen challenges?
Below is a collection of tweets that were shared during the chat. And click here to view a synthesis of ideas, projects, and resources that were shared.

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