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Building Trust & Equity: What The California Endowment Has Learned from Over a Decade of Impact Investing

The California Endowment has been a leader in the impact investing landscape for over 25 years now. This report encapsulates the wisdom gained through their experiences over the years, aiming to not only inform but also motivate others to adopt impactful investment strategies and channel more resources into communities facing significant challenges.
Embedded within their overarching commitment to advancing health and racial equity in California, Impact Investing represents a holistic organizational pledge. Feedback from their partners underscores the transformative role The California Endowment's support has played in fortifying their efforts toward racial equity, enhancing their organizational capacities to foster a more inclusive economic landscape. As they share these insights through this report, their steadfast dedication to advancing racial equity as a pivotal social determinant of health remains resolute, underscoring their enduring commitment to transformative social impact.


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