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Advancing Practice in Catalytic Capital Guidance Note 3 - The Sustaining Role

The Catalytic Capital Consortium has teamed up with Courageous Capital Advisors on a series of guidance notes for impact investors on seeding, scaling, and sustaining catalytic capital.
From the Foreward:
The Catalytic Capital Consortium (C3) is excited to continue its partnership with the Courageous Capital Advisors team on this guidance note - the last in our series of three in-depth commentaries offering insights on the Seeding, Scaling and Sustaining roles of catalytic capital. The series draws on the expertise of seasoned investors, who have generously shared lessons learned from their own strategies and experience in order to help others develop high-impact catalytic capital approaches, which are critical to tackling the world’s most pressing challenges.
This document is focused on the Sustaining role of catalytic capital and follows our earlier guidance notes on Seeding (September 2022) and Scaling (November 2022). In many respects, the Sustaining role can be the most challenging of the three because it addresses structural and continuing capital gaps rather than transitory ones. They cannot be easily ameliorated even as proof points and track records are elevated to demonstrate their value.


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