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Accelerator Guide: Resilience, Equity, and Innovation

Learn how four cities—Pittsburgh, Saint Paul, San Francisco and Washington D.C.—explored new approaches to managing public resources to increase community equity and fund infrastructure projects.
In its latest Accelerator Guide, Exploring “Resilience, Equity and Innovation” in Urban Infrastructure Finance, Living Cities describes the many tools and processes used during an 18-month peer learning experience that was designed to bring cross-departmental city teams together who are seeking to be at the cutting-edge of financing capital projects.
Throughout the rigorous program, “City Accelerator’s Infrastructure Finance Cohort,” cross-disciplinary teams worked together to explore and test new approaches to their cities’ challenges, while also learning about innovative revenue sources, impact investing and creative financial tools.
Cohort members came away from the experience having acquired a host of best practices and delivery strategies that went beyond financing capital improvements. Including delivery strategies such as pay-for-success bonding, public-private partnerships (P3s), and Energy Savings Agreements (ESAs) to help ensure that projects deliver long-term performance and services.


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