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2019 Impact Investing Survey by Foundation Source

Foundation Source released a survey exploring interest in and knowledge of impact investing among 122 of its private non-operating foundation clients. Top findings include:
  • Foundations have a demonstrable interest in impact investing. 88.2% said their foundations were “somewhat” interested in impact investing. Just 11.8% said that their foundations were “not at all interested.”
  • The majority of foundations have embraced impact investing to some degree. Although 48.9% say that none of their foundation’s investment portfolio is currently allocated to impact investments, 51.1% have at least some percentage held as impact investments. Of those, 3.3% have 100% of their assets in impact investments.
  • Conversations with their advisors on this topic are relatively rare. 74.4% said they had not had a conversation with their financial advisor about impact investing in their foundation.
Additionally, the survey reports on skepticism associated with the returns from impact investing deals; 51.7% of respondents stated that impact investing meant "settling for lower returns." To view the full report by Foundation Source, click here. If you are interested in learning more about impact investing, visit MIE's curated library here.

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