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The $11 Billion Opportunity: Unlocking Capital for the Growth of Baltimore Tech

Upsurge Baltimore released a report called "The $11 Billion Opportunity," which focuses on how to unlock private sector and state government capital to fuel the growth of a vibrant Equitech ecosystem.
From the introduction: 
Startups are the backbone of the country’s thriving cities. As they scale, they deliver highquality jobs that provide pathways to prosperity, wealth creation, secure families and stable neighborhoods. Our challenge is to build Baltimore into a different kind of startup city – one that draws broadly on the brilliance of its populace, across neighborhoods and cultures, as founders, workforce, mentors, investors and thought leaders. Born in Baltimore, Equitech is a movement to define what it means to be an inclusive tech city, creating a culture of belonging in tech while unlocking economic potential. Our vision is to create the first Equitech city, a top-tier tech city where diverse entrepreneurs found transformative companies; where the tech workforce of the future is growing up in our neighborhoods; where prosperity is shared across every Zip code; and where the technologies reshaping society are born. In order to build the first Equitech city, we have to unlock capital to accelerate our economic potential. 

With this report, we offer a data-driven analysis of potential capital, helping to visualize how this key lever could spur exponential growth in our tech and startup ecosystem. As the analysis on the following pages demonstrates, the result is a game-changing opportunity, fueling a sector that can redefine Baltimore’s future. 


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