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Jane Reisman PhD.

Please describe your experience with impact investing.: M&E Advisor to The Rockefeller Foundation IMM Advisor to the GIIN Action Group lead for advancing IMM for World Economic Forum Huddle Group Contributor to Impact Measurement and Management Project (Bridges Fund Management) Researcher and author of publications (Situating Next Generation of Impact Measurement and Evaluation for Impact Investing & Streams of Social Impact Work: Building Bridges in a new evaluation era with market- oriented players at the table, Case Studies under development) Founding member of Social Impact Measurement topical interest group for the American Evaluation Association. Convener and presenter on impact measurement and management at numerous convening and conference (e.g. Rockefeller Foundation side events at SOCAP 2015, 2016, GES Summit 2016, Impact Convergence Conference 2016, GEO 2017, MIE Learning Institute 2017, MIE Impact Measurement Webinar 2017,South Asia Evaluation Concalve 2017, American Evaluation Association 2015-2017, Lili'uokalani Innovation Huddle 2017) Evaluation and IMM Consultant to social enterprises and foundations
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