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Maycomb Capital is a pioneering impact investing platform. We provide financing across asset classes to fund strategies and enterprises that transform communities. At Maycomb, we know that the world’s problems demand patience, creativity and an appreciation for complexity. We drive capital toward effective solutions for underserved communities, using data and rigorous analysis to guide our decisions. We identify scalable and sustainable paths to positive change, tackling entrenched social and economic challenges. By harnessing the scale, expertise and risk tolerance of the private sector in service of the public good, we’re demonstrating what’s possible with mission-focused, flexible capital. Our approach is informed by deep expertise in finance, entrepreneurship and social justice. Co-founders Andi Phillips and Liz Luckett, both experienced investment professionals with diverse professional backgrounds, joined forces to address market gaps in impact investing. The team’s engaged approach leverages significant operational expertise and technical skills across sectors. Our flagship funds transform underserved communities in two different - but complementary - ways: - The Community Outcomes Fund (TCOF) provides outcomes-based (also known as pay-for-success) financing that match private capital with local priorities, realigning government programs with evidence-based solutions to social challenges - The Social Entrepreneurs Fund (TSEF) makes early-stage equity investments in the most promising entrepreneurs, upending traditional business models to create sustainable change We’re named for Maycomb County, the setting of Harper Lee’s classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Lee used Maycomb, a fictional district in Depression-era Alabama, as a backdrop for her universal story of the pursuit of justice. Her story sparked conversations about equity that still resonate today. Maycomb seeks to continue this dialogue, bringing innovative ideas to light through action. -- More on The Community Outcomes Fund (TCOF): It is estimated that the U.S. spends $800 billion annually on human service programs, yet government leaders agree that less than 1% of these expenditures are backed by evidence that these services actually work. Outcomes-based financings, also known as Pay for Success, are next-generation public-private partnerships that offer a promising way to combine market discipline with performance management. The approach enables federal, state and local governments to partner with high performing service providers and use private capital to expand social programs. Government identifies a priority and target population, sizes the targeted impact and then identifies a service provider with the capacity to deliver meaningful outcomes successfully. Investors provide the upfront working capital to scale services, shifting the risk of impact from the government to the private sector and are repaid based on demonstrated outcomes. The Community Outcomes Fund is a dedicated pool of capital to invest in outcomes-based financing opportunities. Through our investments, we expect to spur tangible impact in low-income communities, help hold stakeholders accountable for results, and ultimately begin to move the needle on how those government dollars are spent.
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