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Mission vs. Impact: Organizations Re-evaluating the ROI of Investments

An article in The Nonprofit Times shows the level of due diligence foundations are taking to ensure the impact of their mission investments. It profiles MIE members Heron Foundation and The Russell Family Foundation (TRFF), detailing how they investigate at the granular level whether investment opportunities truly align with mission. For Heron that meant exiting an investment, while for TRFF it led to creating a Mission Related Investment Committee to review its portfolio. In the article, MIE CEO Matt Onek is quoted underscoring the unique leadership role foundations have in keeping impact at the heart of the impact investing movement.
Read the full article here. Mission Investors Exchange has also partnered with TRFF to produce a 4-part blog series outlining its journey to achieving nearly 75 percent alignment with mission. Click here to read the series.

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