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Jean Case Leads a Multibillion-Dollar Investment Revolution

The recent growth of impact investing may seem like it came out of nowhere, but a handful of advocates, including many women, have quietly led this investment revolution for more than a decade. Prominent among them is Jean Case, CEO of The Case Foundation.
Case’s goal is to redirect capital to overlooked markets in the U.S., Africa and around the world, and to the female entrepreneurs that Wall Street financiers often ignore. Empowering these entrepreneurs will produce more and better business ideas to help the planet. What’s more, NOT investing in their ideas is risky, Jean argues.
"We need to redefine risk," Jean says. “What will happen if we don't start finding and funding the smart solutions to problems like poverty in Africa, climate change, or nutrition in America?”
In 2017, an estimated $139.9 billion was invested in impact investment strategies, up more than 10-fold since 2014, according to the Global Impact Investing Network.
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