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Foundations’ 21st-century obligation: Align your endowments with mission

In this guest post published on and ImpactPHL, Laura Kind McKenna, a trustee and board treasurer of the Patricia Kind Family Foundation describes mission-aligned investing as "philanthropy’s extended toolkit, an opportunity to leverage previously untapped capital — to the tune of ~$760 billion — to create the world we need today and envision for our future". She goes on to describe her personal journey, and that of Patricia Kind Family Foundation, toward achieving 100% mission-alignment. McKenna ends with a call to action for foundations: 
"My call to fellow foundation leaders is simple: get started. Beyond your grantmaking, make a mission-first direct investment or exercise shareholder advocacy within your endowment investments. The journey to 100% mission-alignment is undoubtedly a marathon, but it’s one that you’ll never finish by repeating trial runs or sitting on the sidelines. If you focus on the why it’s so important — to achieve our foundations’ fullest potential in doing the most good possible — then the what, how, or fear of failure become secondary. Just imagine if we doubled or tripled the cumulative amount of capital we have flowing to advance our missions. The positive impact could be transformational, but we won’t know unless we start."
See below for a link to the full post.

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