MIE Members Only: Guidelines to Submit Content to MIE’s Racial Equity Library

MIE is always seeking resources to help build and refine our Racial Equity Library. This page shares details on how MIE members can submit original content or ideas for deals, strategies, and op-eds that advance racial equity in the impact investing movement. We welcome exploring ways to feature your work and encourage MIE members to contact Anjali Deshmukh or Laila Hussain on the Knowledge & Communications team to conceptualize or share ideas at any stage of your journey. Below are guidelines and tips to review before submitting existing or potential content.

Content Guidelines

MIE is dedicated to sharing learning tools that help build the impact investing field, with a focus on meeting the needs of foundations, other philanthropic asset owners, and their partners. With a small staff dedicated to content creation and dissemination, we focus on ensuring that our content prioritizes non-redundant, high-quality learning tools versus the latest news.
We can post content that:
  • Demonstrates connections to racial equity and impact investing as well as focuses on the roles of philanthropic asset owners and their partners
  • Educates MIE audiences about how to make impact investments or develop impact investing strategies associated with this topic
  • Expresses opinions that spark healthy discussion and debate about how to move the field forward
We cannot post content that:
  • Markets products or services. Examples include events or collateral describing services or research on the performance of a product 
  • May not be sufficiently relevant for our audiences described above
  • May be highly redundant in meaning with content we have already posted

Submission Review Process

  • We'll review each submission to ensure that it meets the content guidelines. Please feel free to contact Anjali Deshmukh or Laila Hussain on the Knowledge & Communications team if you'd like to discuss anything in advance.
  • To give all members a chance to participate, MIE may delay certain content or recommend an alternative avenue to ensure that all members with high-quality content have a chance to share their work.
  • MIE may recommend edits or revisions to improve clarity or educational quality, align with our audiences, or inspire audiences.
  • MIE will get back to you within 5 weeks of your submission. It may take more than 8 weeks to move from submission to posting. Examples of issues that may contribute to time include the depth, length, and complexity of the content.

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