National Conference: Dine-Arounds

Join us in May 2020 for the Mission Investors Exchange National Conference! Featuring a wide range of speakers with diverse expertise in impact investing in philanthropy, the MIE National Conference offers thought-provoking, action-oriented content for impact investors. To learn more about the event, including other program highlights, details on the evolving schedule, how to register, and more, please visit the Conference resource library. Details will continue to be added through 2020.

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MIE members attending the National Conference can volunteer to organize and host a dinner with National Conference peers on Monday, May 11th. Dine-Arounds are a great way to gather a small group of colleagues for a structured discussion featuring a speaker, a lightly structured conversation around a topic of your choice, or an entirely informal dinner. If you are interested in volunteering to host a Dine-Around, indicate your interest when filling out the registration form. See below for more information, and contact Elizabeth Katzenbach with any questions.

Hosting and Attending a Dine-Around

While all National Conference attendees are welcome to attend a Dine-Around, only MIE members can volunteer to organize and host one. MIE members can indicate their interest in volunteering to host a Dine-Around when filling out the registration form. MIE will share all Dine-Arounds with National Conference attendees by email in the weeks leading up to the National Conference and help the host manage RSVPs. Interested participants can RSVP to a Dine-Around before the National Conference by directly contacting the Dine-Around host. MIE will also have sign up sheets at the National Conference venue for last minute RSVPs.

Logistics and Payment

Dine-Around hosts are responsible for selecting topic and format of the Dine-Around, selecting the restaurant and managing the reservation, as well as managing the RSVP list, communicating the details of the Dine-Around to all RSVPs, and coordinating the method of payment. Dine-Arounds can be sponsored or self-paid. For sponsored dinners, the host pays for dinner for all participants. For self-paid dinners, participants pay for their own meal. Lastly, we recommend that Dine-Arounds have between 8-12 guests to facilitate an intimate discussion.

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