National Conference: Beyond the Walls

Join us in May 2020 for the Mission Investors Exchange National Conference! Featuring a wide range of speakers with diverse expertise in impact investing in philanthropy, the MIE National Conference offers thought-provoking, action-oriented content for impact investors. To learn more about the event, including other program highlights, details on the evolving schedule, how to register, and more, please visit the Conference resource library. Details will continue to be added through 2020.

Conference Library

Beyond the Walls

MIE Conferences take place in different locations throughout the United States and are always rooted in the local context in which the Conference occurs. In the year leading up to the Conference, we spend time getting to know the local impact investing ecosystems, as well unique opportunities, challenges, and culture in the area. Working closely with local community members, these elements become integral to Beyond the Walls sessions that take place outside of the Conference venue on the first day. These sessions connect Conference attendees to local community and investments to see impact in action. 

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