National Conference: Ambassador Program

Join us in May 2020 for the Mission Investors Exchange National Conference! Featuring a wide range of speakers with diverse expertise in impact investing in philanthropy, the MIE National Conference offers thought-provoking, action-oriented content for impact investors. To learn more about the event, including other program highlights, details on the evolving schedule, how to register, and more, please visit the Conference resource library. Details will continue to be added through 2020.

Conference Library

Volunteer Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is a way for seasoned MIE National Conference participants to connect with first-time participants to help them get the most out of the National Conference. MIE will connect Ambassadors to new conference goers ahead of the National Conference, and you can choose whether to connect before the National Conference, during, or both!
The Ambassador Program is open to MIE foundation members only. If you would like to sign up for the program, indicate your interest on the National Conference registration form.

Eligibility and Time Commitment

The Ambassador Program is open to MIE foundation members only. As a National Conference ambassador, we encourage you to connect with your assigned new conference goer ahead of the National Conference at least once to share your experience and help them prepare for the National Conference. The total time commitment we suggest is an hour of time prior to the National Conference and an hour during the National Conference, but the final decision is up to you and your assignee!
For more information, please reach out to Melanie Audette.

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