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“Trimtab” Catalyst
Organization Name: 
The ImPact
Job Category: 
Application Deadline: 
Friday, January 28, 2022

About the Organization

The ImPact is a membership network of family enterprises that are committed to making investments with measurable social impact. The mission of The ImPact is to help families make more impact investments more effectively. The ImPact is a non-profit organization based in New York, though we operate as a global, virtual team. 
The ImPact is committed to facilitating collaboration among families to create innovative investment vehicles and advocacy campaigns that can support systemic impact. The ImPact provides an administrative home and facilitative capacity to new collaborative initiatives that emerge from our community, enabling the translation of collaborative ideas into new ventures, organizations, or campaigns that launch beyond our own community.

Position Description

The ImPact is looking for an entrepreneurial impact investor to lead the creation of an innovative catalytic capital investment vehicle (“Trimtab”). This vehicle is envisioned as a diversified, multi-asset class fund-of-funds that deploys capital across sectors, geographies, and modes of impact creation. Using the definition of catalytic capital established by the Catalytic Capital Consortium, we expect the fund will deploy capital into funds or vehicles that are designed to be patient, risk-tolerant, concessionary, or flexible (they may be one or multiple of these). 
The Catalyst will be formally contracted by The ImPact throughout the fund formation phase of this vehicle, which we estimate will last 12 months. The Catalyst may then transition to employment at the Fund once it is incorporated.
The Fund emerged as a collaboration among several leading family offices in the impact investing space. The ImPact will house and support the process of incubating the fund with the expectation that the fund will be spun out to exist permanently as a new organization or as an initiative of a specialist organization in the impact investing space. The Catalyst will be a contractor of The ImPact throughout the fund incubation process and will receive active support from other members of The ImPact’s team.
The founding stakeholders are committed to building an investment vehicle that will: 
  • Create significant additional impact through its investments 
  • Increase adoption of catalytic impact investing by private wealth owners
  • Push on systemic levers to support impact-driven transformation of our financial system
The Catalyst will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the fund development process. The Catalyst does not need to be an expert in all of these areas, but must be capable of gathering and synthesizing the information necessary to support decision-making for each: 
  • Investment thesis refinement - Designing the fund investment strategy to maximize its direct and systemic impact
  • Fund structuring - Establishing a legal and financial architecture that will enable investment to flow into and out of the fund in ways consistent with the fund’s impact vision and aspirations 
  • Governance design - Establishing investment and fund management decision-making systems appropriate to the fund’s vision and design
  • Team formation  - Building a team capable of implementing the fund’s strategy - and improving it over time
  • Back-office set-up - Establishing the operational systems that enable the fund to thrive
  • Storytelling - Weaving the narrative of the fund to inspire investors and collaborative partners and amplify the fund’s impact within the investment ecosystem
This is a fundamentally collaborative endeavor. The Catalyst will work closely with the founding family office partners (principals and investment teams) at every step of the fund formation process and will be supported by The ImPact in essential project management and stakeholder management functions. We expect the Catalyst to build deeply collaborative relationships with other players in the impact ecosystem in order to support the fund formation process and, ultimately, amplify its capabilities and impact upon launch.  

Candidate Qualifications

  • An individual deeply devoted to creating additional impact through investment. Experience forming or managing pools of capital specifically dedicated to impact-first or catalytic investing is a plus (to say the least), as are experience in developing investment theses, conducting deep due diligence on impact investment funds, or designing and managing fund back-office systems.
  • An entrepreneur in spirit and by experience
  • Someone with significant experience designing and facilitating processes through which multiple partners create something new together
  • A hybrid designer and builder -- capable both of creating (or synthesizing) a vision and turning that vision into reality


  • Location: Completely flexible. The job will require collaboration and coordination with individuals on the West and East coasts of the U.S., and in continental Europe. 
  • Compensation: Estimated at $200,000 for 12-month contract ($16,667 / month). The role may transition into full-time employment with the fund when it is incorporated.
  • Duration: We estimate the total contract duration to be 12 months. This may be shortened or extended according to the progression of the fund formation process. 

Application Instructions

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