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Director of SRI/ESG
Sausalito, California
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About the Organization

At Aperio Group, our strategies are designed to put our clients’ and their clients’ interests at the center of our investment advice; to minimize costs and taxes; and to incorporate each client’s unique environmental, social, and governance (ESG) preferences. We are a purposefully growing quantitative/index-tracking investment management firm specializing in managing customized equity portfolios tax efficiently.
We recognize that our competitive advantage starts with our people and our culture. At Aperio, we work hard and move quickly as a well-coordinated, collaborative team. We have exceptional people focused on providing extraordinary client service. We seek to build a workforce that is as diverse in experience, perspective, and culture as the clients we aspire to work with. We are looking to add amazing people to our team who will bring diversity across many lines, including race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital/family status, disability, gender identity, sex, and country of origin. 
Our headquarters are in Sausalito, California, only one block from the beautiful harbor. It’s a short, 20-minute drive from much of San Francisco (opposite the normal commute), and many of our team members are spread throughout San Francisco, the North Bay, and East Bay.
If you are looking for an opportunity to grow and contribute in a fun, industry-disruptive, fast-paced environment, Aperio is the place for you.

Position Description

Aperio Group is seeking a visionary, intraprenurial Director of SRI-ESG to lead the team to support growing client interest for values and mission alignment. Within our ESG work, Aperio manages more than $8B in 1,100 SMAs (separately managed accounts), each customized to meet individual client social profiles. Aperio works with our industry’s leading wealth managers, investment consultants, private banks, and large broker/dealer teams to serve ultra-high-net-worth families, single-family offices, and endowments and foundations.
 Aperio’s SRI/ESG team works collaboratively with advisors and their clients to help them translate their values, missions, and/or ESG perspectives into unique client social profiles that our portfolio management team then uses to construct quantitative, passively managed equity portfolios. The SRI/ESG team has developed a unique and deep understanding of ESG data, the ESG industry, thematic issues, and values-oriented clients. This understanding is coupled with an expertise in partnering with our portfolio management and tax economics team to ensure that the social profile is implemented with the appropriate balance regarding risk, taxes, and other investment parameters that are important to the client. The team strives to build the optimal strategy for each client that reflects the appropriate trade-offs among their values, preferred portfolio risk, and taxes. Our focus is on constructing custom strategies that best meet the client’s needs; we work with clients on both sides of issues and approach all values sets with the same respect and rigor.  We are agnostic to value sets and to whether ESG drives alpha – we leave the decision on what matters and why to our clients.  Our focus is on the best most thoughtful reflection of our client’s values and mission. 
Aperio values alignment has always been integrated into the fabric of Aperio—another tool in our customization tool box to enable us to respond thoughtfully and deeply to evolving client needs. Our team is called upon to provide expertise for portfolio management, research, and business development behind the scenes and directly with clients. The SRI/ESG team manages ESG data relationships; reviews and develops expertise in ESG data sets, proxy voting, and shareholder engagement; develops new customization options for general and mandate-specific uses; and develops materials, research, and resources for internal and external use.
Our ideal candidate must be intellectually curious, interested in SRI-ESG investors and investing, and be a thoughtful, clear, and engaging communicator. The right person will be excited to work with the team to help our investors, including endowments and foundations, align their mission and values with the investment portfolios. Aperio is proud of the innovative solutions it has brought to values- and mission-driven asset owners and is looking for a leader who is committed to continuing to learn from our clients and creatively evolving Aperio’s tools and approach to be responsive to their needs. The position reports to the Chief of Staff, a member of Aperio’s Executive Committee.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Lead a team of highly skilled and recognized experts. 
  • In partnership with ESG Research Director, innovate our service and offering through a deep and nuanced understanding of the issues, the data, the tools and how they can be best delivered in support of our intermediary clients – in their efforts to best serve their clients.
  • In partnership with ESG Research Director, educate and lead the Aperio organization to understand how we can all best serve our clients seeking to align their portfolios with their values. 
  • Partner with our clients to help them provide a thoughtful, bespoke solution to their clients interested in aligning their values and mission in their investment portfolio.
  • Coordinate across all teams, including investment strategists, research, SRI/ESG, and business development, in the creation and delivery of thoughtful, leading edge services.
  • Listen and Learn and Share -- Attend industry and client gatherings to learn and stay current on trends and issues that directly and indirectly impact our clients and their clients.  Stay current on the evolutions and revolutions within ESG in the wealth and money management industries that do and will affect Aperio and our clients.
  • Simplify complex information in a thoughtful, respectful manner for different levels of client sophistication in collaboration with our Marketing Team and with insights and input from our Relationship Managers and Investment Strategists.
  • Caveat: We aren’t looking to do what everyone else is doing because it is the approach du jour.  We are seeking a leader who can understand the opportunities and the possibilities and find the best approach for our clients.  We are not seeking the most expedient, me too thinking, approach – our clients include us in their values, a highly personal relationship – the right leader will understand the privilege.

Candidate Requirements

Our ideal candidate will have many of the following experiences and skills (or enough of the following combined with other interesting and compelling experiences to encourage us think more expansively about what ideal might be):
Significant experience in or with or around financial services/investment management, with a particular focus on financial/wealth advisors/institutional consultants/CIOs and their clients
  • Work experience in or around or with UHNW families and mission-driven endowments and foundations or those that serve them
  • Substantive experience in the SRI, ESG, impact world
  • Experience in conceiving and building products, services or tools – having developed an understanding of what it takes to execute on an idea, large and small, that adds value and makes solid business sense.
  • Comfort working in a dynamic, intrapreneurial, fast-paced environment
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; clear, concise, and interesting writer and content communicator.  As comfortable in 1-on-1 conversations as you are in front of large groups.
  • Experience building thoughtful and efficient offerings, processes and systems that can effectively scale with growth
  • Aware of and curious to learn about local and global issues that concern mission-oriented investors.
  • Genuinely interested in people  -- in a world and an industry that increasingly values technology over human interaction – Aperio believes in human relationships – that for the new institutional, our clients promise their clients high touch, highly bespoke experiences – and we provide the same.  We think this is good business and the people who want to work with us, think it is more fun.
  • Patient and interested listener, ability to engage with people
  • High degree of attention to detail
  • Liberal arts approach to thinking and learning.
  • Candidate must be respectful to a wide range of world views and value sets.
  • Team management and coordination experience—building, managing, and mentoring a team of collaborators and direct reports; supporting individual professional growth
  • Strong understanding of quantitative investing/index tracking
  • Familiarity with tools like Salesforce, Asana, Office and the confidence and comfort to learn others.
  • Must-Haves: a sense of humor; patience; scrappiness; a desire to maintain your own and support others’ work-life balance; ability to take and give constructive criticism with humility, introspection, and respect; and understanding of what it takes to enjoy working effectively in a small company … and did we mention a sense of humor for your sanity and ours?
 The position will be based in Sausalito.  The Chief of Staff, the SRI-ESG Research Director and the SRI-ESG strategist reside in other cities. Being comfortable working with colleagues in remote locations is critical.


Salary and benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

Application Instructions

Applicants who do not submit information as requested will not be considered. Please do not contact anyone at the company directly.
Interested candidates must provide a cover letter, résumé, and salary expectations.
 Any applicant who does not submit a cover letter will not be considered.  Did you see the part in Required Skills/Experience about strong written communication skills? 

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