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Director, Capital Strategies Program
New York, NY
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About the Organization

Transform Finance is a non-profit organization working at the intersection of social justice and capital. We support investors who are committed to aligning their practice with social justice values via education and research, the development of innovative investment strategies and tools, and overall guidance. We empower activists and community leaders to shape how capital flows affect them –both in terms of holding capital accountable and having a say in its deployment –through trainings that demystify finance and advisory support for organizing strategies that influence capital.
About the Capital Strategies Program
The Capital Strategies Program focuses on educating and enfranchising activists, organizers and other social justice actors to influence capital via capital strategies –actions and campaigns that seek to better the lives of marginalized communities through means such as spurring financial players to change their behavior, developing nuanced investment frameworks with aligned partners, and developing alternative financial tools.
We do this through the following programs:
The Institute for Social Justice Leaders: a two-day training for organizers and activists who are interested in learning how finance affects social justice, gaining a basic understanding of the financial world, and exploring how to engage with it.
The Local Institutes: a nine-month place-based engagement to explore local capital strategies with a group of local leaders and aligned partners like community foundations and Community Development Financial Institutions.
The Transform Finance Cohort on Worker Justice: This year-long cohort brings a small group of worker justice organizations to conceive, develop, and launch capital strategies with the support of aligned investor coaches.

Position Description

The Director helps set and executes the overall vision for our Capital Strategies Program and forges relationships with other organizations seeking to engage, influence, and reclaim capital. The Director will work closely with the Executive Director and supervise the Capital Strategies Program Manager and others.
The work of the Director is unique within social justice movements and within progressive finance and impact investing, acting as a bridge between them. The Director will enjoy wide latitude to work on experimental strategies to advance social justice through the lens of finance and, as part of a small organization, will have significant influence on the organization’s overall development.
Primary Responsibilities
  • Develop project plans for all activities of the Capital Strategies Program, set goals, oversee execution, and evaluate achievements
  • Design a vision for the expansion of the Capital Strategies Program and their integration into Transform Finance’s other work
  • Build and hold relationships with coaches, speakers, and other key allies in the social justice and investment spaces
  • Play a central role in fundraising (relationships, prospecting, grant proposals) for programs
  • Serve a wide range of organizations exploring capital strategies, both via our formal programs and by acting as a general resource and point of reference
  • Oversee development of in-person and remote educational materials and contribute content expertise for training curricula
  • Leverage content experts (such as investment practitioners, researchers, field builders, TA providers, social movement supporters) and facilitate connections with program participants
  • Absorb and distill knowledge relevant to capital strategies and apply it to the various programs
  • Design the communications strategy for the Capital Strategies Program, including outreach to potential partners, funders, and prospective participants, and delegate to Program Manager and Operations team
  • Represent the organization at conferences and other events, including speaking on panels and leading breakout groups and workshops

Candidate Requirements

The Director has prior broad exposure to the world of finance -its players and how it operates -from working in the capital markets, researching and writing about them, or as an activist around finance. They have an eagerness to apply that knowledge to transforming finance from a social justice angle.
The ideal candidate:
  • Has knowledge of key financial terms, investment tools, and the main types of financial players. Understanding of community development and community finance a plus
  • Is willing to get familiar with players and issues in new fields or contexts
  • A prior wide network of relationships in the investment space a plus
  • Organizing, campaign building, education, and/or curriculum design experience at any level are highly desirable
  • Is comfortable with public speaking and has excellent writing skills
  • Understands and deeply analyzes the historic and current relationship between capital and social justice outcomes, especially the extraction from communities of color and other marginalized groups
  • Strongly identifies with the principles and values of Transform Finance and is interested in a mix of inside and outside strategies and a step-by-step approach to systemic and structural change
  • Is comfortable blazing a new trail with minimal guidance and can lead others to bring out the best work in them
  • Can communicate with people with a broad spectrum of backgrounds, from finance practitioners to activists, with the right mix of being politically savvy, diplomatic, professional yet amiable
This position is based in New York City.


The salary for this position is $80,000 to $95,000, commensurate with experience.

Application Instructions

Transform Finance is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, or criminal history. We encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds to apply. To apply, please send us your resume, cover letter, and any relevant examples of your work to [email protected]. We will review applications on a rolling basis; we encourage you to submit your materials as soon as possible. The ideal start date for this position is in April 2020.

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