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Chicago or St. Louis
Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

About the Organization

The Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative (aka CIIC-pronounced "seek") works to actively promote Impact Investing in Catholic institutions through community building, sharing experiences, and learning from each other. Our goal is to accelerate and expand the use of wealth in services of people and the planet.

Position Description

The objective of this position is to coordinate the expansion and improvement of CIIC’s current initiatives and to help build outnew initiatives for CIIC. In addition to an effective and skilled professional, the CIIC Coordinator position is ideally suited for someone who is inspired and energized by the mission of CIIC.
The position will report to the Steering Committee and is best suited for someone who is innovative and entrepreneurial, capable of both self-starting projects and moving efforts forward in active collaboration with others. This is a full-time position (some weeks expected to require more/less time). There will be some occasional evening events and travel (for which coordinator will be reimbursed). Seeking candidates based in St. Louis/ Chicago to facilitate collaboration with primary contacts within Steering Committee.
Assist with Online Website Support and Participant Outreach
  • Help to publish regular email updates
  • Solicit input for CIIC webinars and “Stories of Catholic Impact” for the website
  • Establish and run a CIIC Twitter
  • Initiate additional outreach through helping to organize video and digital content
Steering and Sub-Committee Support
  • Take and distribute minutes and organize Steering Committee Meetings
    • Includes organizing follow-up from Committee Meetings
  • Coordinate strategic projects with the Steering Committee and other active participants/ subcommittees within CIIC
Participant Services Support
  • Help connect members to peer institutions and individuals
    • Create an easily accessible database of CIIC supporters/ participants for continued use
  • Help organize regular gatherings
    • Organize follow-ups from regional gatherings
  • Create and maintain a CIIC ambassador/ Principle Signatory program
    • Details TBD
CIIC 2020 Conference Assistance
  • Help plan and implement CIIC’s first ever global conference in 2020
  • Assist with efforts to identify key sponsors and in-kind donations for 2020 conference
Assist with Budget
  • Maintain list of different expenses and contributions
  • Coordinate development of CIIC financial reporting with fiscal agent sponsor; support sponsor financial information needs
  • Includes tracking your own expenses
Reporting Details
  • Largely a self-monitored position, the Coordinator will be free to check in with the CIIC Steering Committee members responsible for their oversight as often as needed. Fiscal Sponsor for CIIC, the Catholic Climate Covenant, will be the formal oversight body for positions.
  • There will be a regularly weekly check in to collaborate on progress on projects.

Candidate Requirements

  • Very strong writer and communicator
  • Strong collaborator
  • Comfort organizing multiple projects
  • College degree
  • 3+ years of relevant work or post graduate experience
  • Maturity and discipline to work without in-person supervision
  • Skill in social media, digital communication and core Office technology
  • Preference for those that are conversant in Catholic Social Teaching and/ or Impact Investing


  • Salary to be negotiated based on experience
  • Will be competitive with similar roles, including benefits

Application Instructions

  • Please submit your application to [email protected] by June 26th. Please include you resume and a one-page cover letter explaining why you want the position, what strengths you would bring to this role, and what efforts you would be most excited about supporting in this collaboration.

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