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Since our beginnings in 2004, Aeris has established risk management standards for private community loan funds (CDFIs) and has helped drive the development of impact measurement and management practices in the CDFI industry—a learning curve now being replicated in the broader impact investment world. In 2013, the Aeris Cloud became the first online platform to help CDFI investors understand the impact and financial performance of their investments. Today, the broader investing field seeks a reliable, high-quality tool to collect, manage, and analyze impact data. Aeris’ unique experience and expertise can help accelerate the pace of impact investing.

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Giving Strong is a social impact consulting firm that advises foundations, corporations and other social enterprises on strategy and communications to reach their impact goals.

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Focusing on economically distressed areas, Natural Capital Investment Fund catalyzes environmentally sustainable development by providing affordable, flexible capital and advisory services to small and emerging businesses that create employment. Through its business support, field building and policy activities, Natural Capital Investment Fund employs a holistic approach to address the complex, interwoven issues inherent in poverty alleviation, rural development and environmental sustainability. As a practitioner of sustainable development, Natural Capital Investment Fund demonstrates methods that help businesses, individuals and communities achieve tangible changes that result in enhanced personal or community assets.

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Summit is an analytics advisory firm guiding federal agencies, financial institutions, and litigators as they decode their most complex analytical challenges. Summit's Mission-Oriented Finance team works with foundations and investors to deploy capital through impact investments, manage portfolios of grants and investments, and conduct impact evaluations to ensure robust mission-related and financial returns.

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