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The mission of Mercy Investment Services is to enhance the financial resources of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas through socially responsible investing. Mercy Investment Services engages in collaborative efforts to: Raise our corporate voice to effect systemic change in corporate policies and activities Provide capital to community organizations, and Participate in other investment opportunities consistent with our mission. Mercy Partnership Fund is the global community investing program of Mercy Investment Services. MPF seeks investment opportunities that benefit the poor, especially women and children, concentrating on those undeserved by traditional sources of capital. Current community investments are at work through approximately 60 mission-driven organizations, including community development financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, community development banks and credit unions, microfinance institutions and international funds. Mercy Investment Services recently established an Environmental Solutions Fund, which is focused on mission-related, market-rate investment strategies.

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Venn Foundation (Venn) is a nonprofit public charity on a mission to unleash the full power of Program-Related Investments (PRIs) to advance charitable impact. By opening a special donor-advised fund called a Venn Account, any individual or organization can recommend that their charitable dollars be used by Venn to make PRIs. Venn can syndicate any one PRI among any number of Venn Accounts, which means that any combination of individuals, businesses, private foundations, public charities, and donor-advised funds can easily combine their resources into one PRI. Any financial returns from these PRIs go back to participating accounts for the donors to redeploy into new PRIs or to grant out as desired. Our vision is to create a new category of flexible, below-market-rate capital that can be directed creatively to projects and organizations across all sectors that are helping advance charitable goals.

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