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We provide legal counsel exclusively to nonprofit clients, many of whom are interested in advancing their mission by incorporating impact investments into their portfolios. We are often intimately involved in investment discussions pertaining to the nonprofit entities we help our clients establish and maintain.

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Innovations in Healthcare is a nonprofit organization hosted by Duke University and founded in 2011 by Duke Health, McKinsey & Company, and the World Economic Forum. We aim to improve healthcare worldwide by supporting the scale and impact of promising innovations. At the heart of Innovations in Healthcare is our network of 80+ innovators from 70+ countries around the world working to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare. Every year, we identify and recruit entrepreneurs with promising models of healthcare to apply to join our network as innovators. Through a highly competitive process, we then select the best organizations to join us. We help connect these innovators with opportunities, information, and contacts they need to scale up their work We facilitate the development and dissemination of focused insights and new evidence about healthcare innovation and strategies to scale and replicate good ideas. During this time, we have helped to unlock significant funding for the social enterprises in our network including helping 25 enterprises unlock $56 million in capital.

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The Weissberg Foundation (“Foundation”) envisions a just world that recognizes inequities and builds access, opportunity, and power so that all can thrive. Through funding, amplification, capacity building, and collaboration, the Foundation advances organizations and efforts that give voice and opportunity to historically marginalized populations. The Foundation supports this mission and its operations with the assets in its Endowment Portfolio (“Endowment”). All capital has impact (positive, negative, and neutral) and the Foundation will evaluate this impact through the lens of our mission, economic opportunity, and with attention to the broader public good. We acknowledge that capital markets perpetuate structures of unequal access to opportunities, which reinforces and grows the social and economic inequities of our society. Only through intentional allocation of capital can we influence, expose, and change these existing conditions. Achieving social equity and sustainability requires alignment of our Endowment with the Foundation’s mission and vision. A fiduciary responsibility of the Foundation is to invest capital to maximize a rate of return in a way that that does not harm or detract from its mission or vision. When applicable, the Foundation will prioritize investments in traditionally marginalized populations, reduction of inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, and peace justice and strong institutions.

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