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Community Capital Housing’s mission is to be the premier source of investment capital for the NeighborWorks network and the community development industry.  

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Focusing on economically distressed areas, Natural Capital Investment Fund catalyzes environmentally sustainable development by providing affordable, flexible capital and advisory services to small and emerging businesses that create employment. Through its business support, field building and policy activities, Natural Capital Investment Fund employs a holistic approach to address the complex, interwoven issues inherent in poverty alleviation, rural development and environmental sustainability. As a practitioner of sustainable development, Natural Capital Investment Fund demonstrates methods that help businesses, individuals and communities achieve tangible changes that result in enhanced personal or community assets.

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Partners for the Common Good (PCG) is a mission based national CDFI loan fund. We participate with other CDFIs across the nation and have funded loans in 36 states through 45 lending partners across the United States that serve low-income communities. In addition, we own and manage the online platform, CapNexus, that connect community development practitioners across the nation to each other for the purpose of connecting capital to mission oriented projects and organizational efforts. Also, we have lines of business in Policy and Advocacy and Social Impact. Our experience with impact investing is connecting with investors or their representatives primarily through CapNexus to assist in finding projects for their portfolio and in our everyday work,and outreach.

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