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Use financial tools to create social wealth.

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Mission: To help donors grow the impact of their charitable giving by investing in businesses with positive social and Kingdom gain alongside financial return. Vision: Investing Charitable Assets for Kingdom Good Core Values: Spirit dependence, Customer focus, and Generosity

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Summit is an analytics advisory firm guiding federal agencies, financial institutions, and litigators as they decode their most complex analytical challenges. Summit's Mission-Oriented Finance team works with foundations and investors to deploy capital through impact investments, manage portfolios of grants and investments, and conduct impact evaluations to ensure robust mission-related and financial returns.

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The vision of Dallas Women’s Foundation (the Foundation) is that all women and girls will possess the dignity, skills and resources to be strong, independent, self-sufficient and contributing members of the community. The mission of the Foundation is to strengthen the entire community by increasing the investment in women and girls and empowering women’s philanthropy. The core values of the Foundation include gender equity, empowerment of women, diversity, inclusion, honesty and integrity.

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