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CIM partners with responsible lenders to finance small businesses in line with the Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights and to effect economic, environmental, and social change. Since fund inception, we have provided financing to 4,200 U.S. small businesses which represent $4 billion in total revenue. These businesses have created 6,000 new jobs from loan proceeds with 45,000 jobs maintained and 131,000 lives affected. CIM also tracks impact metrics that are derivative of the core impact objective: to increase access to capital for underserved demographics and support impact businesses. Across the portfolio, CIM funds 2-3x more women-, minority-, and veteran-owned businesses than banks and financial institutions with an aggregate figure of 50% of the loan portfolio lent to WMV-owned businesses. CIM has additionally built an Impact Assessment system to identify and report on impact businesses across 8 areas of impact with 79 unique tags. These impact businesses expressly seek to create a positive social, environmental, or economic change in their community. 21% of the CIM portfolio (>800 loans) are lent to impact businesses in 8 categories: community health and safety, education and youth development, social justice, environmental sustainability, financial inclusion, healthy food systems, and clean energy and efficiency.

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The Weissberg Foundation (“Foundation”) envisions a just world that recognizes inequities and builds access, opportunity, and power so that all can thrive. Through funding, amplification, capacity building, and collaboration, the Foundation advances organizations and efforts that give voice and opportunity to historically marginalized populations. The Foundation supports this mission and its operations with the assets in its Endowment Portfolio (“Endowment”). All capital has impact (positive, negative, and neutral) and the Foundation will evaluate this impact through the lens of our mission, economic opportunity, and with attention to the broader public good. We acknowledge that capital markets perpetuate structures of unequal access to opportunities, which reinforces and grows the social and economic inequities of our society. Only through intentional allocation of capital can we influence, expose, and change these existing conditions. Achieving social equity and sustainability requires alignment of our Endowment with the Foundation’s mission and vision. A fiduciary responsibility of the Foundation is to invest capital to maximize a rate of return in a way that that does not harm or detract from its mission or vision. When applicable, the Foundation will prioritize investments in traditionally marginalized populations, reduction of inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, and peace justice and strong institutions.

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