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Since our beginnings in 2004, Aeris has established risk management standards for private community loan funds (CDFIs) and has helped drive the development of impact measurement and management practices in the CDFI industry—a learning curve now being replicated in the broader impact investment world. In 2013, the Aeris Cloud became the first online platform to help CDFI investors understand the impact and financial performance of their investments. Today, the broader investing field seeks a reliable, high-quality tool to collect, manage, and analyze impact data. Aeris’ unique experience and expertise can help accelerate the pace of impact investing.

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CapShift’s mission is to help financial and philanthropic institutions, along with their clients, mobilize capital for social and environmental change. To advance this mission, we partner with leading donor advised funds, national foundations, and private foundations to help them identify, access, and evaluate impact investments. Key funding and support from the Fink Family Foundation, Heron Foundation, and Omidyar Network helps us ensure that our activities align with our mission.

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The Jewish Community Foundation facilitates social change through philanthropy, investment, education and capacity building to benefit the Jewish and secular communities.

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